the challenge

Bursa de Fericire* is an online fundraising platform. All the proceeds go towards building new children hospitals in Romania, or modernizing existing ones.

In its 6 years of existence, the foundation behind this project, Asociatia Daruieste Viata**, has raised more than 4 milion euros. However, the entire process behind raising this kind of money can be pretty demanding for a small team, and that’s exactly what they needed our help with.

Our clients also wanted to encourage even more people to join their fundraising efforts and to be an active part of their community.

Working closely together, we built custom tailored tools that will help them raise more money in the future, while easily managing it.

* The Happiness Stock Exchange
** Give Life Association

our approach

1 share = 2,5 eur


In the old version of the website, the "shares" icon was the main element, used throughout all the pages. They represented all the people who ever bought shares on the platform, and each person was displayed individually, with their own bubble. The implementation was clumsy, and didn't scale well, as you had to scroll through many pages of bubbles in order to find yours. We kept this element, but gave it a more aesthetical purpose. The bubbles are nicely animated, and draw the user's attention to the content around them. We have also approached a different color palette, making the entire website feel warmer and more in tone with its content.

- old color palette -- new color palette -

User experience

We have also spent a lot of time trying to make it easier for people to donate and to better engage our users.

The online payments are now integrated directly in the website, providing a seamless experience to the user. We picked braintree to handle the payments, because of its flexibility, ease of use and customization options. The old processor redirected the users to a different page for payments.

The companies who wish to donate, now have acces to a simple tool that makes it easier for their managers to process all the required paperwork. A multistep form, prefiled with data from our database or openapi's, will generate a contract and also send it to the user's email address, just in case.

In order to encourage even more people to donate, we created the concept of "The happiness shelf", a place where the users can donate in exchange for small gifts. They can also create personal fundraising campaigns and share them amongst their friends, à la Kickstarter.

Every single person who donates to Bursa de Fericire and leaves us an email address, will receive a congratulatory certificate, depending on the type of donation made. They will also be able to see at any time what happened to their money.

Admin functionality

We put a lot of time into making the admin section the only tool used by our clients for managing their operations. We have recreated and improved most of the use-cases they needed from Excel, but we also added a ton of functionality that will reduce their workload by orders of magnitude.

Chores like managing hundreds of physical contracts in just a couple of days, assignign duplicate numbers to contracts, parsing bank account statements by hand to extract the donations, or cumbersome filters on huge Excel sheets are now things of the past.

A list of highlighted features implemented in the admin section:

  • different user account types, each with its own set of privileges;
  • a management system that tracks every transaction made online / offline;
  • simple to use tool for allocating funds on projects based on different criteria;
  • export / import .csv files;
  • reporting tool that aggregates all the data and filters it and then exports to .csv;
  • on demand generation of files that can be either downloaded or sent as attachments in customized emails for the users;
  • prioritized email sending queue (we're sending approx. 3000 emails / month on average);


This project took a long time to see completion, but it was well worth it. We had a good time solving all the challenges we faced along the way. We developed a friendship relationship with our clients and we often had situations when all of us acted as a unit.

Of course, not everything was always pink, and this is quite normal for a long-term project. However, we kept in mind the end goal of this project, which is to bring a glimmer of hope in the lives of all the children who've been sentenced to a life in hospital. That thought helped us go through every less-than-perfect situation and got us to this point.

If you think there's anything you can do about the extreme shortages and inadequacies in Romanian children hospitals, please consider investing in The Happiness Stock Exchange.