A micro-service we developed as a sidekick for one of our projects. Its sole purpose is to return the lists of all the counties and cities in Romania. Since there is no such service available online, we decided to give it a pretty face and publish it for free, so that everyone can enjoy using it. We plan to extend it with a GraphQL interface and make it open source, so it ca be even more accessible.

tee o'clock

An online boutique store for custom tshirt graphics. The client wanted a place were he could put his best creations in the best light. We've carefully designed the whole platform from scratch, making sure the user interface is a good fit for the content. He already has expansion plans and we are excited to be able to help him grow this project and support his ideas in the future.

cosovanu, marcu & asociatii

Cosovanu, Marcu & Asociatii is a prestigious law firm in Bucharest, Romania. They never really needed to invest money in marketing. In this field, word of mouth is still the best form of advertising. However, they wanted to improve their online presence and make it easier for their clients to find all the contact details they need.

schimba romania

In October 2015, a series of unfortunate events landed our nation on the brink of a second revolution. The government at that time resigned, so people started to make lists of other possible leaders. We saw an opportunity and created this platform, as a learning experiment. We developed it in one night, went viral the next day, garnered almost 1 mil. page views in 1 week, and then it died suddenly, as soon as the new government was formed and people lost interest in the issue.

100 pe zi

A brand new project, developed in house. Coming soon.